Author: Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

Upgrade Your Sauna Experience By now I’m sure we have all been privy to the benefits of infrared technology and infrared saunas. If you are wellness inclined (since

Kelsey’s Medicine Cabinet: Dec 22

Kelsey’s Medicine Cabinet Staples Oh the secrets we keep in our medicine cabinet… Some items we use daily and some find their way into corners

Spain Trip: All The Essentials

Hola Chicas! Kelsey’s Travel Tips & Tricks Spain Edition Previous Next I am still glowing from my first post-pandemic European Holiday with my best friend

Moving with ease into 2022…

Moving into 2022, my goal is to continue to foster a space where you can show up authentically as you are, and feel better on your way out of the studio versus how you felt on your way in.

Wellness Rituals: Vacation Edit

With this new ability to travel again, and as I prepare for my first vacation since the pandemic, I felt it was timely to drop a Vacation Edit composed of my favorite staples that help keep me healthy and happy while I am away.

Wellness Rituals: Fresh Spring Picks

This list includes brand new products I am so excited to share with you all, as well as a few rituals that have been part of my regular routine for quite some time, yet felt timely to share for the Spring season. Self-preservation is REAL and honing in on this practice has been key, especially over the past year.

Covid Chronicles: 1 Year Reflection

Here we are, March 2021. If you would have told me this time last year that the studio would be closed for essentially a full year I would have never believed it, and probably packed up my bags and cut my losses. I guess that is the beauty of not knowing what the future holds and being able to wake up each day to new experiences, fresh eyes and the will to keep moving forward.

Autumn Reset Recap

Our Autumn Reset Day Retreat took place this past weekend and we had such a beautiful day! The weather could not have been better and the participants were given a day of nourishing movement and self-care in a safe outdoor setting.

Release Your Feet! Free Video: Foot Fascial Release

When the bones in our feet are out of alignment or the fascia is restricted it directly affects how well the rest of our body is able to move. Rolling out the bottoms of your feet is necessary for everyone, not just athletes or runners.