Author: Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

Kelsey Wiedenhoefer

Covid Chronicles: Posture Prescription

Here’s a quick video for accessing and strengthening your posture from home. All you need are a couple cans of food, free wall space and time to connect with your breath and feed your body some knowledge. You will not only work postural muscles, but you will also strengthen your arms and core in this quick 10 minute set.

Covid Chronicles: Supplements for Staying Home

As I have mentioned before, I am a bit supplement obsessed and love learning about different natural products and the benefits they provide. It is up to us to take charge of our health, to learn about natural remedies that support our immune systems and fight off disease.

Covid Chronicles: Self-care while Self-isolating

Right now, in this moment, Mother Nature has given us this “gift” of time. Time to be at home, to be with ourselves and our families, and hopefully the time to take a step back from the daily grind to incorporate a few practices that will leave us walking out of this better than we were when we walked in.

Credo Clean Beauty Summit – 5 Favorite Finds

There were a ton of fab beauty and skincare products, but the following list are my top 5 favorite finds from the Summit. The Credo Clean Beauty Summit took place a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be able to snag a ticket and spend a lovely Saturday afternoon exploring the latest and greatest in the Clean Beauty World.

Wellness Rituals: The Bodycare Edit

Care for the whole body, happens both internally and externally. Our skin is our largest organ, so taking good care of it is a must. As we age, the entire ecosystem of our skin, face and body, needs special attention and products that are all natural and that nourish a healthy glow. Today I am talking about some of my favorite products and rituals for all the external parts below the face.

2020 Wellness Tips

Instead of burning yourself out in the first quarter of the year, it works so much better to shift your focus to how good you can feel in your body, what feeds your soul and what movement practice resonates the most with you.

On the Retrieval #fertilityfriday

I had to deeply listen to my intuition and follow it through this entire process. The journey of my success and the tools I utilized were not the cookie-cutter answer for all women who fall into my age bracket. I truly feel that the subject of fertility deserves intentional exploration (not solely listening to your doctor), by doing your own research, and really taking the time to sit with yourself and trust the answers that your intuition provides.