Our Autumn Reset Day Retreat took place this past weekend and we had such a beautiful day! The weather could not have been better and the participants were given a day of nourishing movement and self-care in a safe outdoor setting. 

Much like the way 2020 has been, there was a couple unforeseen hiccups, especially because we did not know what to expect when running our reformer class outdoor in the studio parking lot, but just like the way we have managed through this year, we rolled with the punches and were still able to provide everyone with an experience that was unique, engaging and rooted in the Move With Studio and Move With Kelsey brands. 

We could not have pulled off such an amazing day without the services of our fabulous partners: Bay Area Brain Spa with neurofeedback brain training and the beautiful secluded courtyard where we held the 2nd half of the day, Kali from Skin + Stone who led the group through Gua Sha recovery techniques, and CJ of Gumption Collective who provided a deep session of breathwork and intention setting. Supple Skincare and EVOLVh Haircare donated products to help create the swaggiest gift bags of our dreams. 

Check out a few candid photos I snapped from my phone during the day! I am so looking forward to doing more of these Reset Day Retreats in the future as they are a great way to give back to yourself without having to travel too far. 

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