Covid Chronicles: Self-care while Self-isolating


The reality of self-isolation and social distancing has finally started to sink in and it has been bizarre to watch our entire social structure retreat into our homes in a matter of days. Adjusting to life the last few weeks has been stressful and living day-to-day not knowing when we can, or if we ever will go back to the “status-quo” has been even more anxiety-inducing. I have found myself so immersed in my work that I have used it as a distraction to not really allow myself to sit with the unknowns that want to bubble up. As I write this, it too is a reminder to me, that allowing what comes up (emotions, feelings, unknowns) to come up, to give them space and then let them go. This does though, call for some major hunkering down, deep self-reflection, and the most nourishing self-care.

There is no prescription for what self-care should be. Sometimes, the prescription can be doing absolutely nothing at all. It is just as individual as our fingerprint, and is ever evolving with the way we move and the way we develop, physically, mentally and spiritually. Right now, in this moment, Mother Nature has given us this “gift” of time. Time to be at home, to be with ourself and our families, and hopefully the time to take a step back from the daily grind to incorporate a few practices that will leave us walking out of this better than we were when we walked in.

I am not an expert, but do consider myself an aficionado of self-care. The following is a personal list of what I am attempting to be diligent at during this time of self-isolation.


Sleep is always top on my list, but in these times of high stress it is even more important. The good thing is that we have more time and flexibility to hone in on our sleep patterns being that we are all stuck indoors. The recommendation for adults is 7-8 hours per night, with a lot of science to back up why this is so important. Our bodies, especially as we age and are managing the woes of adulthood – including worldwide pandemics, need this time to repair so that we can optimally function on a daily basis. I am not talking about just being in your bed for 8 hours, or lightly sleeping through the night, but really referring to consistent and deep, restorative sleep.


I love to sleep, and one of my favorite places to hang is my bed, but my ability to consistently get a good night’s sleep is not always the best. Creating a night time routine as well as minimizing screen time at the end of the day has been helpful, but I also incorporate a few supplements to enhance my sleep experience and get me into those deep REM cycles quicker and longer has been integral.

Here are my go to products for a better nights sleep:

Magnesium: Helps to enhance relaxation, reduce muscle aches, support regularity, and promote mental clarity. I am a fan of Moon Juice’s Magnesi-om as it contains 3 different types of magnesium and L-Theanine, and it is flavored with natural ingredients.

Alpha Gaba PM: This is a professional grade supplement composed of L-theanine, 3mg of melatonin, 5-HTP, and a blend of botanicals like valerian and lemon balm has really helped me get into deeper states of sleep especially when I am over-stressed.

Care By Design CBD Drops: I have found CBD products to be extremely helpful in reducing anxiety and helping to manage stress. I typically use a full-spectrum CBD tincture (including a low percent THC ratio and other organic ingredients) to help with sleep.


I think of this as a no brainer, but am always blown away when I have conversations about hydration with my clients and the lack of water that is in many people’s diet. Water is LIFE and especially right now, proper hydration should be at the forefront of our attention. Not only does it help detoxify your whole body, down to every cell, but it keeps your joints mobile during times of a lot of immobility.


I try to drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday, and the rule of thumb is that everyone should drink at least half their weight in ounces daily.


The following are some unique hydration enhancers that I am diligent about having daily while under quarantine:

Liquid Chlorophyll: The first thing I do every morning is drink a large glass of water with a dropper full of this in it. Chlorophyll helps to boost your red blood cell count, captures more oxygen into the cells and tissue of the body, which boosts energy and naturally helps to detoxify your system.

Proven Nutrition Electrolytes: For those of us that don’t consume enough water on its own, incorporating electrolytes is a great second option. I also find them helpful to take when I start to feel that midafternoon slump instead of coffee. They give me just enough of a boost of energy to get me through the day without an issue falling asleep at night.

Frida Baby Humidifier: Proper hydration does not always have to be consumed and keeping your air moist by using a humidifier can be super beneficial. First and foremost, humidifiers can help prevent the spread of viruses – this is HUGE right now. They also help to keep your skin soft and supple and clear your nasal passages and lungs. The humidifier I recommended is also essential oil safe, so I have been adding eucalyptus or thieves blend to clean the air and keep my lungs open.

Movement + Mindfulness

This is a shameless plug, but have you checked out the Move With Studio Digital Studio yet? Not only am I teaching here, but so is the rest of the team and we offer everything from Pilates, barre, yoga, self fascial release, and meditation that you can do from the comfort of your own home. While self-isolating it has been extremely important for me to move my body daily, even if that sometimes just looks like aimlessly rolling around in my living room doing a combination of yoga, pilates, and stretching. In times of high stress it is vital to find ways to consciously be in your body and connect in deeper with yourself. In my opinion, we should not be killing ourselves with intense workouts right now, but doing movement that is nourishing and makes us feel light, expansive and connected to our physical being.

Along with that, finding some structured time to meditate or just sit still and focus on being present and connecting to my breath is also in my current daily routine. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, so I like to start my day listening to an Abraham Hicks morning meditation while I drink coffee in bed.


Wellness Supplements

If you have been following me for a while you know that I love supplements. I am fascinated with anything that is natural, comes in a pill or powder form, that optimizes performance and promises to make me feel, move and function better. I swore by my supplement protocol while I was preparing to freeze my eggs and believe the combination of that and acupuncture made the experience easeful and my outcome better than anticipated.


During this pandemic I am focused mainly on immunity and keeping my organs, especially my gut, as healthy as possible. Stay tuned for an uncoming post on all the deets on my favorite products.

Skin & Body-care

This section also deserves its own entry because I can talk about skincare for days. Therefore, you can read more about my indulgent quarantine skincare routine here. In short, creating a spa-like environment in my home by taking CBD epsom salt baths, yoni steaming, lathering myself in coconut oil, applying brightening face masks and eye patches, along with sticking to my skincare routine has kept me sane over the last few weeks!



Yes, Mindlessness! Have you watched the Tiger King yet? I highly recommend it! Use this time to be mindful, but it is also important to be totally mindless and binge out on Netflix. We are currently dealing with some pretty scary shit, so escaping from reality and that long Quarantine “to-do list” we have all created is 100% necessary. How often are we told to stay home – never. And how often do we feel the pressure to constantly be “doing” – always. Use this time at home to not “do” and to just “be.” Let yourself escape somewhere else everyday. This has been the hardest, but most necessary thing for me to do during these times.


Writing this entry is a form of self-care and cathartic experience for me, because it too is making me sit down, evaluate what I am personally going through and put to practice what I preach. To be completely transparent, I feel like I am just finally coming up for air after a few weeks of almost drowning in the stress of pivoting my business and taking care of my people. Because of this I am dealing with a Candida flare up, which happens when I disconnect from my body and operate from my sympathetic nervous system for extended periods of time. Over the years I have learned how to navigate these flare ups and not let the symptoms get out of hand, but it’s come with really understanding my body and paying attention to what is happening on the inside more than what is going on outside. Our bodies are always talking to us. Finding a practice where you can learn what it is saying and be able to listen to its needs is key – that is true self-care.

My hope during this time of isolation, whether you are by yourself or with your whole damn family, is that you can find some light even on the darkest of the days and learn how to better care for yourself with the space that has been given to you. The goal is not to go back to the status quo, but to walk out of our homes leveled up for the good of humanity.

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