Fragrances We're Loving Lately: Transitional Seasons Edition Summer to Autumn 2023

These versatile scents are reliably great, even when the season is unpredictable.

We don’t review fragrances very often, but it’s not for lack of interest. If you’ve been following our Instagram, you might have seen our texts, where the primary subject matter seems to revolve around fragrances: what we’re currently loving, and what we’re adding to get our list next. It just so happened that over the past month, every one on our team went on their own vacay. And staying in touch via discussions on the scents we packed, and the local fragrance vibe predictably dominated our text chain.

That’s the thing about fragrances: they play such a subtle, yet important role in shaping the experiential. Whether uplifting us, or grounding us, making us feel bubbly and optimistic or in the mood for no good, our fragrances are little adventures in each sprtiz. Below are our favorites for the transitional season from summer to fall, and vacation to office, where a reliably beautiful fragrance not only tames the unpredictable nature of the day, but can shape how we experience it.

Le Labo - Thé Matcha 26

Any fragrance with the word matcha in the title is going to pique our interest. Le Labo’s Thé Matcha 26 is described more as a fragrance that seeks to capture the mood, and feeling of the Japanese ritual of matcha drinking, rather than a focus on transferring actual matcha into a fragrance. In this regard, we’re presented with an opening of green, fresh notes with a splash of bitter orange, that fades into more velvety cream figs, balanced with citrus and vetiver.

The entire experience can best be described as subtle, and laidback, with an interesting, and unique evolution that remains consistently refined, and erring on dry. The throw and sillage of Le Labo’s Thé Matcha 26 is more of a skin scent fragrance, which is just the way we’d want it. Quite in character with matcha itself, this also makes it perfect for summer when a crisp, dry, and fresh scent is desired, while providing a nice touch of warmth at the hint of Autumnal nights.

Byredo Eleventh Hour

Byredo’s Eleventh Hour is an exploration around things ending. And it’s thematically consistent with summer moving into fall, a time when the peak of light begins to dim. In the fragrance world, it’s especially compelling to focus the entire fragrance experience on capturing the feeling of the last lingering notes. Although Byredo is known for making very experimental hit-or-miss perfumes, and otherwise strong scents (in our opinion), Eleventh Hour is purposefully light, and designed to provide comfort.

The scent notes, a blend of wood, spices, and fruits, is atypical and charismatic: top opening notes of sichuan peppercorn with bergamot, middle notes of plum, rum, and carrot seeds, and base notes of cashmere wood, tonka beans, and cedar wood. Byredo’s Elevent Hour is the perfect post-brunch museum scent, that also works nicely for leisurely strolls through the park on both bright summer days and brisk autumn evenings.

D.S. & Durga St. Vetyver

If you love Vetiver (who doesn’t?), consider D.S. & Durga’s St. Vetyver, a must in your vetiver fragrance archive. It has all the makings of a classic: deliciously fulfilling vetiver note? Oh yeah. Yet unique? Undoubtedly so. Versatile? Another area it excels. Fans of vetiver will find much to love, and to explore in this beautifully enchanting fragrance, and those who might not consider themselves fans will find an exquisitely interesting fragrance that ties together a fresh, rejuvenating, and unforgettable scent. At first, the opening can feel intense, and in-your-face, as the green nature of Vetitver is accented by bitter orange, but it eventually gives way to a softened clove, rhum, and hat straw that’s intriguing mysterious.


D.S. & Durga’s St. Vetyver if worn fresh, carries a clean, green intensity that is perfect for summer-to-fall evenings. If allowed to stay on the skin throughout the day, it gives that perfect hint of an indescribable interestingness. The adaptable nature of D.S. & Durga’s St. Vetyver makes this one that can go with an after-hours bar with whiskey, or a beach party on vacation in southern Italy. It’s great for work or play, all year round. Can’t go wrong.


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