You are the moment: Katharine L’Heureux, Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty


Katharine L'Heureux, Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty

you are the moment is a feature where we ask industry insiders (brand founders, editors, professionals)  what they’re into right now. Enjoy our check in with katharine L’heureux, founder of kahina giving beauty.
What are you reading?
North Woods, by Daniel Mason
What shows are you watching?
Feud: Capote and the Swans
Favorite restaurant?
Cafe Cluny in Greenwich Village is my go-to.
What scent are you wearing right now?
What Kahina product are you reaching for most these days?
Kahina Facial Lotion.  My skin loves this lightweight moisturizer and I can use it any time of day without feeling heavy or greasy.

Our Faves from Kahina Giving Beauty

Katharine's Travel Skincare
Last vacation?
A quick trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for some much needed sunshine.
Next vacation?
Not really vacation, but I’m excited about going to Bologna in two weeks for Cosmoprof.
What is one recent thing you’re trying for wellness?
The vitamin regimen is pretty new. Its about 20 vitamins a day.  I’m not sure how it’s working or if I’ll be able to stick with it.
What is living rent-free in your mind?
Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court
Song that describes your head space these days?
High by Rawayana

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