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We’ve never been a fan of Father’s Day gift guides. Since we can remember, it’s been a round=up of every cliche of the BBQ grillmaster, golf addict, tool collector, and man-cave dweller. So we thought: What if we put together a list of wellness essentials that our dads would love? And true to Move With Life’s purpose, we curated a gift guide of thoughtful wellness focused gifts that we think are perfect for Father’s Day.

Ever notice how dad’s always keep track of time? Well The Apple Watch does that, but so much more. It tracks sleep, exercise, and heart rate, pulls in iPhone notifications, makes/answers calls, and can even be used for seamless Apple Pay payments.

While the Oura Ring, and Whoop Band draw attention in fitness tech, the Apple Watch is endlessly customizable with well-supported apps making it the functional equivalent of wearing a computer on your wrist. Regardless what your dad is like, we think there’s so much utility that the Apple Watch can provide.

The reason the Apple Watch Ultra is our pick? It’s a larger display, which makes all the difference for dad’s who may need bifocals. It’s much more rugged with longer 36-hours of battery, higher water resistance, always-on GPS, and improved mics and speakers. It’s the ideal companion for dad’s who can’t sit still around the house, wellness-minded analytics-lovers, hikers, travelers, and busy bodies.

If there is one word that comes to mind about how dad’s describe their personal style, it’s “unfussy.” So when we thought of the perfect scent for dad, Le Labo’s gender nonspecific, Thé Matcha, was the obvious choice due to its understated, clean, and minimalist yet sophisticated scent profile.

With notes of creamy fig, green vetiver, woodsy cedar, fresh bitter orange, and a composite “your skin but better” profile inspired by matcha, this should win over most dads.

The result is a skin scent that inspires moments of introspection, perfect for the intellectuals, introverts, and those who’d enjoy pondering the philosophical “what would a matcha fragrance smell like if it was composed based on feelings?”

Okay let’s face it, it’s hard to get dad to take his vitamins. And we don’t blame him. Major research studies actually show there isn’t that much benefit in taking synthetic supplements.

Which is why we recommend Superstar, a daily essential ingestible made by dietitian nutritionist founded wellness company MIJA. It’s firstly made entirely from superfoods, the nutritional gold standards that doctors do recommend. And unlike other powders, this is clinically formulated from decades of nutritional data points to specifically target the nutrients that we’re not getting so you’re not wasting money on organic plants for the sake of it. Everything is literally beneficial. Finally, it’s fun to take. Because it’s like matcha (a core ingredient), but more palatable (think watermelon, lychee delight), which means it’s a wellness tonic that works as treat, too!

Clock it now: we’re officially predicting that posture awareness is going to be the new forefront of the wellness conversation. Correct posture not only brings in alignment, but also helps digestion, breathing, joint health, and sleep quality.

If dad is suffering from hunched posture, sunken shoulders, and frequently slouched over from sitting in front of a monitor all day, Evertone’s Smart Posture Corrector is a game changer.

It helps maintain correct posture, giving an intelligent vibration reminder. Wear it for 2 hours a day to ‘retrain’ your body to maintain correct posture.

We’re not suggesting that dad should dress like he’s part of Drake’s entourage during a weekend in Miami. But this Casablanca shirt is the perfect summer vacation shirt that says “I’m just here for a good time.” And really, doesn’t dad deserve that mantra?

Colorful, tropical, and luxurious, this 100% silk shirt is a must-pack for any summer destination. Especially ones where dad can live out his White Lotus dream vacation in real life.

Okay, maybe we’re shooting a little aggressively for dad this year. So consider Dr. Jart’s Every Sun Day Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 50+ a safe bet in both its usefulness and wellness value to dad.

The mineral formula is light, yet broad spectrum for superior protection. Best of all, it’s a light textured cream that absolutely sinks into the skin, and once dried leaves no white mark for most skin tones.

Dads and travel, what a classic pairing? For the dad who loves taking trips, far or near, we suggest Rimowa’s Essential Cabin Luggage. It’s durable, yet lighter than the classic aluminum, and doesn’t show all the knicks and scrapes that the metal body accumulates over time.

The cabin luggage’s size and weight is perfect for any trip as it fits in the cabin (doesn’t need to be checked), is made from strong lightweight material that is way easier to carry and better for those with back pain, and the signature wheels that Rimowa is known for seem to be even better on this light body model.

Infrared saunas provide a host of benefits for the whole body that are especially impactful as we age. They elevate the body’s thermal energy (important for recovery), promote better relaxation, and improve circulation (which slows with aging). But who has the time to head to their nearest infrared sauna? Higherdose’s Infrared Sauna Blanket, is a conveient, yet truly impactful at-home solution. It’s the #1 sauna blanket on the market, and basically works by wrapping the entire body in a foldable, light blanket that emits infrared rays.

It’s perfect for wellness-minded dads, dads who maybe over-exert themselves too much (marathon runners, road warriors), and those who might benefit from improved overall functionality (all of us).

Hailed as a 3-in1: a shave oil, after shave/beard oil, and face oil, you won’t find a skincare product more multitasking specifically for dads than YULI’s Mr. Incredible, which is organic, and 100% plant-based.

What works particularly well for this is that everyone can find something to enjoy. Those unfussy about skincare will appreciate the ease and functionality in how this oil can be used for so much. Those with more advanced beauty interests will appreciate the bells and whistles from the fragrance notes of Vetiver and Sandalwood, to the plant oil blend that was specially formulated to be identical in lipid profile to the skin’s natural, healthy profile. It’s quite easy for any dad to take a liking to this incredible product!

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