Essentials for flawless summer skin

This summer has been a scorcher, hasn’t it? It seems every place is experiencing heat waves, in fact, July was officially the hottest month on record for our entire planet. When it comes to skin protection for times like these, we’re all about the ample sun protection, healing serums, and refreshing cleansers to get us through. Here’s our edit of the summer essentials.


The Sun Protection

If ever there was a time for a powerful sunscreen, it would be now. And French pharmacy icon, La Roche-Posay, is universally revered for their dermatologically-approved, no-nonsense sunscreens that deliver effective, clinical performance. Why chemical sunscreen? They manage to up the sun protection factor without increasing the weight, unlike physical blocks which can leave the skin feeling suffocated, and chalky.

And you won’t get more powerful than their Anthelios UV Correct Face Sunscreen SPF 70, which is a 31% active chemical filter formula that is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, two notorious chemical filters that are not reef-safe, and also reported to be sensitizing to many. You’ll also find skincare ingredients like their brand signature thermal water, niacinamide, Vitamin E, and their patented CelloxB3 Shield of antioxidant protection to boost overall protection.

The lips are the most exposed area of the face, and part of the reason why most people’s upper lips are darker. However, sun protection isn’t just important for keeping the lips from tanning, UV exposure also quickly breaks down collagen which is needed to keep the lips plumped. So if you don’t want lips to thin out, and lose volume, lip SPFs are the best preventive measure you can take.

In looking for a good lip SPF, we were happy to discover Coola’s LipLux Organic Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 30. Comparatively, the organic ingredients are safer, which is important since a lot of lip product gets ingested. This aloe-infused balm formula goes on silky, feels nourishing, and has tons of beautiful moisturizing oils like raspberry, avocado, and coconut.

A mist is a must for the body because it goes on light, is hands-free, and is perfect for re-application throughout the day.

Soleil Toujours body sunscreen mist is one of our favorites as the formula is 70% organic with aloe leaf juice, and powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

The Cleansers

This is not the time for creams, milks, oils, or balms in your cleansing routine. A refreshing water-based gel cleanser is what it takes to perk and revive the skin from hot summer days. Youth to The People’s Superfood Cleanser does exactly that, with the added bonus of antioxidant-rich superfoods like kale, and green tea.

Plus, the gel cleansing is gentle, so it won’t strip your skin, yet gives that stronger performance for summer months to get through the sweat, sunscreen, and grime. And there is a nice, refreshing green scent.

Because with all that sunscreen (and reapplication), and general outside exposure, you’ll probably want a good body wash that also doesn’t strip the skin.

Enter Nécessaire’s The Body Wash, a sleek, understated, yet effortlessly sophisticated body wash with just the right touch of foaming action to make you feel brand new. The fragrance-free formula is excellent for sensitive-skin, and there are a bunch of vitamins, and barrier-fortifying ingredients.

Is there sand in your hair? Has the sun made it limp, and lifeless? Are your workouts making it greasier? Evolvh’s InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment is a one-step solution (no conditioner required) that cleans the hair, refreshes the scalp, and restores volume, and then some.

Bonus: the clean formula is made from organic ingredients that are good for the hair and skin.

The Serums

If ever there was a serum made for summer, iS Clinical’s Hydro-Cool serum would be it. It’s a light, cooling gel serum that hydrates the skin, and contains brightening actives like kojic acid, and anti-inflammatory B5.

It’s really the perfect end-of-day serum for summer weekends at the beach. Or for when your skin just took on too much of the day.

Let us count all the ways we love Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. First, it’s a lactic acid based treatment, which is our favorite acid. Lactic acid is not only known to be gentler than glycolic acid, it’s also good for bringing in hydration and plumping fine lines. Second, it’s the perfect acid serum for summer because it helps exfoliate to keep skin clear and decongested from the summer, but the texture is nice enough that it can be worn by itself. Third, it feels nice going on cool from the refrigerator.

There’s really quite a lot to love about this award-winning product, and the bottle is just beautiful, too — if you’re into that.

Call it the summer of our love affair with iS Clinical, but they’ve got a serum for every situation. Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ is, as the name suggests, all about healing. And isn’t that a fundamental must from days in the sun?

This serum is filled with powerful antioxidants like anti-inflammatory olive leaf, along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and mushroom extract. This can be worn under sunscreen for a boost during the day, too.

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