On the Retrieval #fertilityfriday

I had to deeply listen to my intuition and follow it through this entire process. The journey of my success and the tools I utilized were not the cookie-cutter answer for all women who fall into my age bracket. I truly feel that the subject of fertility deserves intentional exploration (not solely listening to your doctor), by doing your own research, and really taking the time to sit with yourself and trust the answers that your intuition provides.

On Nutrition #fertilityfriday

Before starting my own preparation process for my procedure I had already been loosely following a Paleo/Mediteranean way of eating, so the goal for my nutrition through this process was to eat the most nourishing foods I could, but also ease up a little more on my diet, and not be as strict as I can sometimes be when it comes to food.

On Chinese Medicine #fertilityfriday

I had always heard about acupuncture being beneficial for fertility or those trying to get pregnant, so once I decided to start my egg freezing journey I contacted my good friend and amazing acupuncturist, Claudia Venn.

On Supplements #fertilityfriday

When I started my egg freezing journey, I was actually quite surprised that much of the “Western Medicine World” said that there was not much we can do about egg quality or ovarian reserve. I intuitively knew there was more I could do, so I consulted with my acupuncturist and herbalist, and did some of my own research

On Fertility

It’s been on my mind a lot lately as I have been preparing to go through the process of freezing my eggs this December. I’ve wrestled with the idea of publicly sharing this, but at the end of the day I have felt very called to be transparent about my own fertility as I regularly work with women pre, peri and post-natal, and those struggling to get pregnant and going through rounds of fertility treatments.