Online Resources and Books #fertilityfriday

Last week, I shared that I will be going through the process of freezing my eggs and documenting much of what I have learned. This week, I am sharing some of the invaluable resources I have found along the way that have really helped educate and guide me through the process.

Online Resources

Natural Fertility VIP

This was my Holy Grail when I first started delving into learning about egg quality, going through fertility treatments, and how to prepare your body with herbs, vitamins, and whole foods. They have a ton of online learning programs as well as their own line of supplements, all nicely organized by your area of interest.
Functional Fertility Wellness

This has been a great online resource with a ton of information, but what I love most about this platform is their podcast. I spend a lot of time driving, so being able to listen to topics on egg quality, how fascia is important to fertility, and how to balance your hormones after getting off birth control have all been super informative while I am commuting. 


listBay-Area based company founded by moms, doctors, and scientists who built Natalist to “give you what you need from concept to conception.” It’s an online source for pregnancy tests to prenatal vitamins as well as pregnancy “kits”.


Taking Charge of Your Fertility 
By: Toni Weschler

This is the Reference Book of reference books when it comes to all things fertility, natural birth control and general women’s health. You can literally just thumb through the pages of this book and find topics of interest ranging from the Fertility Awareness Method to better understanding the anatomy of the reproductive organs. 

Spiritual Fertility
By: Dr. Julie Von 

Dr. Von’s book has resonated with me deeply and has been the book on my nightstand and the book I’ve traveled with for the last month. I love the different connections she makes to transgenerational trauma, the law of attraction, and self-care to fertility. Sometimes it is not just our age or our anatomy that play a role in conception, but other blocks that happen on a non-physical level. To me, these connections just make sense, and I am so glad Dr. Von is writing about it and doing the work she is doing.

It Starts with the Egg
By: Rebecca Fett

This has been a great resource for me to better understand and in more detail, why I should be taking certain supplements and what specifically I should be cutting out in order to prepare my eggs to be the best quality possible. The information shared ranges from diet and supplements to the other side of the spectrum on sperm health. 

If you’re also on the journey or thinking about egg freezing and want to reach out to me, feel free to connect with me through IG This process can feel really isolating and it doesn’t have to be! 


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