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On Supplements

Those who know me well, know my love for supplements and health boosting products. My friends know that I always have some sort of natural remedy at hand if they’re feeling under the weather and I can make a custom tincture at the drop of a hat. When I started my egg freezing journey, I was actually quite surprised that much of the “Western Medicine World” said that there was not much we can do about egg quality or ovarian reserve. I intuitively knew there was more I could do, so I consulted with my acupuncturist and herbalist, and did some of my own research.

Below are the supplements that I have incorporated into my current regimen to help boost egg quality and get me as prepared as possible for the egg freezing procedure. It is highly recommended to start taking prenatal supplements 3 months before an IVF/egg freezing procedure because this ensures the eggs that will be retrieved have reaped the full benefits of the added nutrients and can develop as healthy as possible. It is also always recommended to consult your doctor, naturopath, or acupuncturist first before taking any supplements. 

Prenatal Vitamin – Taking a high quality, organic, plant based and non-GMO prenatal vitamin is a major priority, not only if you are trying to get pregnant, but also for general egg health. When choosing a prenatal vitamin make sure that you choose a brand that contains between 600-800mcg of folate, and comes either as methylfolate or folate derived from whole organic foods. 

CoQ10 Ubiquinol – Is considered one of the best supplements to improve egg quality and plays a key role in protecting your DNA at a cellular level. It boosts the energy production of the mitochondria in all your cells and has the potential to prevent or even reverse some of the decline in egg quality that comes with age. It is more expensive, but highly recommended to get CoQ10 Ubiquinol because of its better absorption rate versus standard CoQ10. The suggested recommendation is 400mg per day of Ubiquinol.

DHEA – DHEA was the other supplement next to CoQ10 that was listed in all the research I did. It helps to boost your ovarian reserve and increase your Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH). It is really only recommended to take this if you have a low AMH, which can be done through a blood test. It is recommended to start dosage at 25mg. 

Melatonin – Is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, a hormone secreted in the pineal gland inside the brain that regulates sleep and is also found in the fluid of ovarian follicles. It has been found that adding a melatonin supplement before IVF can restore antioxidant defenses inside the eggs and improve egg quality. It is suggested to take 3mg every night before bed one month before egg retrieval. 

Maca – Is an adaptogenic herb that supports hormonal balance, egg health and encourages a healthy libido. It also helps to boost hormonal androgens in the body, which protects egg quality. It is suggested to take 1000mg per day. 

Royal Jelly – Supports hormonal balance, is a nourishing super food, aids in normal endocrine function and encourages healthy estrogen levels. There is some controversy over this supplement because there is not a lot of scientific research that has backed it as aiding in fertility, but it has been used for many years by many naturopathic doctors, so I have decided to incorporate it at a 1000mg per day. 

Evening Primrose – Supports hormonal function, cervical mucus production and healing, and helps with PMS symptoms. I have been taking this since getting off birth control to help regulate my period and my hormones, as well as prepare the lining in my cervix for the egg retrieval procedure. 

Pre-fertility supplements I am still taking with the list above: Probiotics, digestive enzymes, fish oil, Super You (Adaptogenic blend of herbs to help with energy and support stress levels)

I also drink a big glass of water every morning with a few drops of liquid chlorophyll in it, and get a Vitamin B injection every 2 weeks

Great Podcast about egg health and supplementation:

Mastering Your Fertility Podcast : #27 Egg Quality 101 with Special Guest Dr. Jaclyn Chasse

If you have any questions – on the supplements I am taking, or anything else concerning this process – please feel free to connect with me on IG @movewith.life – I would love to hear from you!


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