On Fertility

IMG_4066.jpgIt’s been on my mind a lot lately as I have been preparing to go through the process of freezing my eggs this December. I’ve wrestled with the idea of publicly sharing this, but at the end of the day I have felt very called to be transparent about my own fertility as I regularly work with women pre, peri and post-natal, and those struggling to get pregnant and going through rounds of fertility treatments.
As a single woman with a business and an expanding career, it’s important for me to have options in my own family planning, and be conscious about conception, with or without a partner. The reality of it is, there is a growing number of women in their mid to late 30s who are in a similar position as I am; wanting to have it all, and also not wanting to feel confined by a timeline, or force a relationship to have a family. Doing this, for me, gives me a sense of security as I move forward on my path.

Freezing my eggs was never something I thought I could afford on my own, but @spingfertility has made this program more accessible than I previously imagined. Don’t get me wrong though, this shit is not cheap either!

My goal in sharing is not to talk about the freezing process, but mainly to share the resources I have found, the knowledge I have gained, and how I have prepared my mind, body and spirit over the last couple of months – and to tell you we have A LOT of options available and egg freezing is not necessarily the answer for all of us on the fertility journey.

My hope is to help normalize a conversation that many of us feel too vulnerable to publicly talk about (even by just a little bit), and for other women out there in similar shoes to know you are seen. The womans’ body is miraculous, and as someone who works in Women’s Health I’ve been blown away by how much I did not know. I will be sharing the info I have learned in my IG stories and my Journal over the next few weeks in what I’ve coined as #fertilityfriday.

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