On Meditation & Kundalini Yoga #fertilityfriday

“Meditation synchronizes the core values of Soul within the projected needs of your physical body on the pathway of your destiny.” ~ Guru Singh


By now, we know the benefits that meditation can bring into our daily lives, and when it comes to fertility it is just as or even more beneficial. General mindfulness practices reduce stress, help you sleep better, and give you a brighter outlook on life, just to name a few. Every morning I spend at least 5 minutes sitting in silence, focused on my breath and aligning myself to be present. Recently, I have also incorporated a couple of fertility specific meditations that I have found to be super helpful in spiritually preparing myself for this process.

image by @mysticalmotherhood

Kundalini Meditation for Fertility and Ovary Adjustment

I have practiced Kundalini Yoga fairly regularly for the last few years. It’s totally different than the normal perception of yoga. Kundalini uses different sets of postures, breathwork and chanting (called kriyas) to move energy up the spine through all seven chakras. The first three chakras house the reproductive organs of the female body, so the flow of energy here is crucial to fertility. For me, it’s the intention setting of different kriyas that I am drawn to and find to be effective in manifesting a desired outcome. The specific meditation I linked above sets the intention of balancing your ovaries for fertility, and is recommended to be done to one of my favorite Kundalini songs, “Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful” by Bachan Kaur.

Dr. Julie Von also includes different practices, exercises, and meditations in her book “Spiritual Fertility.” Just reading this book has deeply connected me to the process of conscious conception, and I cannot recommend it more. Fertility is a sensitive topic and can feel extremely heavy for most women. I have found I need more than meditation, and similar to how I find the intention setting in Kundalini Yoga to be effective, prayer in the form of ritual helps to make me feel grounded and supported through this process. Below is an exercise from her book in requesting a miracle.


Meditation is a necessity in my life. Over the years it has taken shape through prayer, through movement, through kundalini yoga, and through sitting in stillness. It helps to ground me and keep me present, and it helps stave off bouts of anxiety that pop up when I have too much on my plate. In regard to anxiety, I have felt a lot of it through my egg freezing journey. Vulnerability, shame, loneliness, and fear have all popped up quite frequently over the last couple of months. Leading into the start of injections this week I know these feelings might be heightened, so I have made a concerted effort to lighten my workload during this time to focus inward.


This is the last of my posts, but I will follow up with a retrieval conclusion in a couple weeks. In the meantime if you have any questions – please feel free to shoot me a dm at @movewith.life.