8 Female-Founded Wellness Companies We Love

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In doing our research for our favorite wellness brands during this women’s history month, we were astonished to learn that women were not even included in clinical research studies until the Medical Inclusion Act was passed in 1993. This means the majority of medical data out there wasn’t even tested for women, which is mind blowing considering 1993 was only 30 years ago! So this list becomes all the more meaningful as we recognize the women entrepreneurs shaping the wellness space today.

As we thought would be the case, there were too many wonderful female-founded businesses for us to choose from. The following are just some of the women and brands we wanted to spotlight this month with the goal of highlighting female-founded brands in an ongoing capacity. Without further ado…

Lastobject creates reusable everyday women’s wellness items with a zero-waste approach.

Hailed as “the last object you’ll ever need,” Lastobject tackles single-use everyday products with innovation and ingenuity. Founded by Danish designer, Isabel Aagaard, for form, and functionality.

We’re especially excited to see the inclusion of Lastpad, a reusable pad that replaces single-use pads in three options, light, day (medium), and night (heavy). They’re estimated to be 10x better for the environment, made without harmful chemicals, and can be machine-washed up to 250 times. There’s also sustainable takes on bathroom staples like swabs, and cotton rounds.

Golde is conquering shelves and social media by putting the ‘fun’ in functional superfoods.

Matcha, turmeric, mushrooms, all superfoods we’ve come to know and love in recent years. Trinity Mouzon makes them accessible through Golde, her line of affordable, high-quality superfood based self-care products. 

Already carried nationwide in Target, and Sephora, Golde’s renowned, social-media buzzy lattes have taken over the world of wellness. Plus, their approach with brightly color-blocked packaging, and straight forward formulas are as user-friendly as they’re delicious.

Mahmee connects new moms with care resources.

Let’s face it, good help is hard to come by, and that’s especially the case when it comes to the medical field. Mahmee seeks to help new parents by creating a platform that connects them with specialists ranging from doulas and midwifes to pediatricians and lactation consultants for full prenatal to postpartum care needs. The platform is founded by Melissa Hanna, Linda Hanna, and Sunny Walia, who seek to close the gaps in care.

The platform is inclusive and allows users to zero in on specific needs, with experts who may be uniquely guided toward LGBTQ+ families, high-risk pregnancies, to those seeking alternative or holistic medicine for their care plan.

Lola makes feminine wellness products you can feel good and safe about using.

It’s about time that feminine care products got a makeover. Lola, a women-founded line of period and sexual wellness products, created by Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, was created as clean, ingredient-transparent, wellness-oriented line that places women’s health at the center of the conversation.

Their tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, with a BPA-free plastic applicator, and 100% organic cotton is used throughout the line in pads, and liners, with any other ingredients for backstreet made from plant-based material, and non-toxic adhesives.

Perelel Health makes vitamins for women at every stage of their pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy is such a special time. And according to new health data, it’s becoming harder than ever to have the right nutrition support for expectant moms. That’s where Perelel Health comes in. An OB/GYN founded supplement brand created by Alex Taylor, Victoria Thain Gioia, and Dr. Banafsheh Bayati, Perelel Health offers women with vitamins through all stages of pregnancy from conception, through each trimester, and postnatal support.

Each pack is specially formulated for their specific stage, and also takes into account modern considerations such as being non-gmo, soy, and gluten free, and being free of synthetic colors and fillers. We particularly love that each daily pack comes with a visual of what each pill provides from your omegas to your antioxidant CoQ10 support. You’ll feel in good hands here. 

Maude helps women take pleasure into their own hands.

Maude empowers women to take sexual pleasure into their own hands with a line of intimate wellness products, thinking vibrators, lubricants, massagers, condoms, and even supplements. Founded by Éva Goicochea, you may have heard of Maude when Dakota Johnson joined as an investor and co-creative director in 2020.

The devices look like they’re sculpted from modernist architecture, and can just as easily work as a minimalist table piece. Perhaps its with this approach that Maude is successfully moving the category of women’s sex toys from something that existed primarily in adult stores into a focus of our conversation on wellness.

MIJA ushers in wellness 2.0 with clinical superfoods formulated by a dietitian nutritionist.

MIJA, which is a Spanish term of endearment for ‘my daughter,’ is a wellness company founded on the tradition of women supporting women through shared wellness rituals in their community. Co-founded by Sarah Koszyk, a registered dietitian nutritionist who has spent decades building her private practice in the Bay Area, serving as a chair on national academic boards, and working as both an on-air nutrition expert and the go-to source for all things nutrition with multiple publications.

Through her vast knowledge and years of experience Sarah hopped on the nutraceutical train long before scientists started to heavily tout getting nutrition from food and created organic, superfood-sourced, scientifically-backed ingestibles that make a real functional wellness impact. Their first product, Superstar, is a matcha based “green powder” designed to fill the common nutrition gaps in the modern diet. It’s filled with adaptogens, nootropics, and antioxidants, to address stress, gut health, and benefit all 12 of the major systems. Their second product, Galaxy Cloud Creamer, addresses the most common habit — coffee, and infuses L-Theanine, adaptogens, minerals, MCT fats, and prebiotics, effectively meeting the customer where they’re at in turning their coffee ritual into one of total wellness.

Black Girl in Om creates a space for Black women in mental wellness.

Mental health is one of the most needed specialties in the medical field, and women of color are especially underserved in this arena. Lauren Ash, with her background as a yogi, created Black Girl in Om as an inclusive space for Black women to lean in to their inner wellness with meditation guides, wellness-oriented podcasts, private one-on-one offerings and a digital membership. 

BGIO has coined a mantra: “creating a space for Black Women to breathe easy” and since its launch in 2014, the platform has been a guiding light for the collective and has re-written the narrative of what well-being should look like for Black women and the communities they serve. 


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