Spring is Coming: 6 Products to Add-to-Cart for the Spring Equinox

As travelers, outdoor lovers, and plant parents, we at MWL always look forward to the annual Spring Equinox with eager glee, and anticipation. For those who may have gone all this time without a care of what this means, the Spring Equinox marks the turning point when our daylight hours begin to increase. In Disney films, this is when forest animals come out of winter hibernation, flowers bloom, and birds chirp. So as we come out of our metaphorical winter hibernation, these are our must-have essentials for the best Spring ever.

The moisturizer that will give you glass-skin

Naturium Niacinamide Gel Cream

When your skin yearns for something lighter, yet still thoroughly plush with hydration this Spring, Naturium’s Niacinamide Gel Cream, is the perfect moisturizer that comes to mind to transition from winter to warmer temps. This gel-cream is made from a water-base so it’s hydrating and doesn’t just sit on the skin surface.  Additionally, there’s electrolyte-rich coconut fruit juice, hyaluronic acid, and the titular 5% niacinamide (Vitamin B3), which is one of the buzziest ingredients of late and said to boost collagen, soothe inflammation, fade hyperpigmentation, and improve skin hydration. Basically, it gives that perfect dewy, glass-skin look and feel.

Think of this as the moisturizer version of the perfect cardigan that can take care of you without feeling too heavy when the sun is out.

The sunscreen you’ll actually want to use because it delivers glow-inducing highlights

Skinceuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense SPF50

Sunscreen is the most recommended skincare product by dermatologists, but they’re usually met with tepid response. Skinceuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense SPF50 however, might be worth your attention. This mineral sunscreen not only provides the clinical SPF50, there’s also mineral pigments dispersed in the sunscreen that work like highlighters to illuminate and give the skin a natural photoshop filter.  This is a sunscreen you’ll WANT to wear when you go out.

Also, over time your skin will actually brighten on its own, too! There is 1% tranexamic acid which fades discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. A sunscreen that gives you a goddess glow as it actively improves skin? We have no choice but to stan.

This just in: Visors are in for Spring

ALO Solar Visor 

For those who prefer a little more physical coverage from the elements (outdoor runners, we see you), we’re sort of obsessed with solar visors as the ultimate wearable fashion accessory for hot girl walks. This one from ALO comes in many colors, is adjustable, and durable. It’s not only wonderful for shielding UV rays from the face, but also works in a pinch if you forgot to wear sunglasses.

Plus, if you’re going in for a some facial zaps and tweaks (lasers and peels), this is the perfect protective gear to shield your skin from exposure and give you some privacy at the same time.

Wanna be extra fancy? Not that the ALO Solar Visor isn’t already giving “I’ve made it” vibes, but how about this visor from Dior with the signature Dior monogram throughout? Is it extra and over-the-top? Yes. Do we want it? Again, yes. 

It’s time to prioritize scalp care, here’s why.

Act + Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum

Did you know that the scalp ages 6 to 7x faster than skin everywhere else? For how scary this fact is, it sure isn’t discussed as much as we’d like! Our scalp is probably the most exposed, and least cared for area of skin. And any aging of the scalp could impact hair health as it’s the literal bedrock for hair growth. If you’re experiencing premature greys and hair loss, your scalp’s aging could have a large part in it.

There’s a dearth of products that “anti-age” the scalp. Skincare usually doesn’t go above the face, and haircare is, well, focused on hair. But Act + Acre’s Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum is a gel-like serum made especially for the scalp with cold processed plant actives like Swiss Apple Stem Cells to stop the shed, and prolong hair’s growth phase, while Bamboo Extracts improve hair density and reduce premature hair follicle aging. It also contains hydrating and soothing aloe vera to improve the overall health of the scalp. 

Basically, this is the perfect peace offering to our overly neglected scalp. As the UV rays set in, this serum keeps the entire scalp and by extension, hair system protected and youthful. 

A matcha-infused sparkling tonic is always a good time.

Blume Matcha Coconut Blend

As the weather warms up, and the days grow longer in the Spring we typically crave a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. Our beverage of choice is what we’ve coined a Matcha Sparkler, a traditionally made matcha poured over ice, and sparkling water with a little added honey. It’s a power punch of healthy antioxidants, making this an environmental protection tonic that scavenges free radicals.  Plus caffeine from matcha has a more subtle “high” that doesn’t make you jittery or effect your sleep later in the day.

Blume’s Matcha Coconut Blend is our pick for those new to matcha, as it can be an acquired taste. In Blume’s blend, the matcha is balanced by coconut, which makes it more palatable for newbies, and delicious whether you’ve acquired this taste or not. 

For those who think of themselves as matcha connoisseurs, or anyone interested in just pure matcha of the highest quality, we’ve got to steer you toward Palais Des Thes Bio-Organic Matcha. This luxury French brand works closely with Japanese green tea farms to produce the most exquisite matcha. Ordinarily, organic matcha has a less full flavor than non-organic, but not this one. It’s deep, full bodied, and provides a satisfying umami mouth feel. We repeat: exquisite.

This delicious jam-packed honey keeps allergies at bay.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis + Vitamin C Liposomal

We all love Spring, right? If each season had a PR company, Spring has the best one, because virtually everyone associates Spring with everything good. But allergy sufferers know the not-so-great side: the sneezing, runny noses, hay fever, and histamine reactions so bad that you’re convinced you’re getting sick. Beekeeper’s Naturals has just launched one of the best solutions we’ve seen to date with their Propolis + Vitamin C Liposomal ingestible. You might have heard that honey can help ease allergies, and propolis is the key component responsible for this benefit. Additionally, it’s also a great immune-supporting active, and when paired with liposomal Vitamin C (which absorbs more fully than traditional Vitamin C) means that we’re also helping our overall immune system without any of the artificial or sugary stuff found in Vitamin C powders. Just gorgeous honey-extracted propolis and active Vitamin C. 

The best part? You don’t need to mix this with anything, just pop a sachet straight into your mouth because it tastes like honey. Wellness that feels like a treat. We’d say “you never want to be without this for allergy season” but you’ll probably have to stop yourself from over consuming this deliciousness.

Join the party!

Are there any products you’d like to see us cover? We’re always scouring for the latest and greatest. Whether you’re a brand founder, or just love a product that we haven’t discovered yet, we’d love to hear from you.

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