Sun Protection: Tips on how to do it right

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Ask any dermatologist, and they’ll tell you the most important product you can get for your skin is sunscreen. It’s recognized as the single most important anti-aging skincare step, yet, it lacks the attention-getting buzz of a high powered serum. Often we feel they’re too chalky, too inconvenient, or just not that nice to use. So, we came up with some tips on how to get the most out of your sun protection protocol.

1. Chemical or Physical? Figure out the form that works for you.

One of the big things about sunscreen is figuring out exactly which type is right for you. Chemical sunscreens use chemical filters that work by absorbing UV radiation. They’re often light, and don’t leave anything on the skin. However, some may not have broad coverage as many chemical filters are more adapted for UVB protection rather than UVA. And it’s recommended that chemical filters require 30 minutes to start working on the skin, so if you want instant protection after you apply, this may not be for you.

On the other hand, physical sunscreens work by blocking and/or reflecting UV radiation so it doesn’t contact your skin. They’re broad coverage, and work instantly. However, because they’re literal physical blockers, you’ll often deal with white cast (although there are many that promise a very subtle, subdued cast), and somewhat heavier texture. Additionally, if you’re active, or getting in the water, these may quickly wear off, rendering the need for constant reapplications.

Our tip: keep both in your regimen. Use a broad spectrum physical sunscreen like Supergoop’s Mineral Sheerscreen SPF30 for normal day-to-day when you’re mostly indoors with brief sun exposure. It’s as light, and sheer as we’ve experienced from a physical sunscreen. And use a broad coverage chemical sunscreen when you know you’re heading to a workout, or going to the beach, like Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Sun Fluid SPF 50+ which is a liquid sunscreen that is as light as it comes, doesn’t leave any hint of a white cast, and delivers SPF 50+ performance. 

2. Check Your Work

A key piece of advice we’ve been told from dermatologists is to look at where your skin is starting to show the effects of sun damage. Noticing sunspots only on your left side? It could be from prolonged sun exposure when you’re driving. In which case, consider lifestyle adjustments which can be as simple as adding a UV protective film or shade for rush hour drives. Is it extra? Yes, but it works.

Sometimes we’ll also notice ‘blindspots’ that we may miss, and checking over where our skin is showing the most damage can help indicate where we should purposefully apply more sunscreen.

3. Adapt to your lifestyle

The best sun protection plan is the one that is most realistic for your lifestyle. So while you should be doing things like reapplying your sunscreen every 2-3 hours, it’s one of those things that most of us don’t do. 

But there are fixes. If you wear makeup, and reapplication is difficult for this reason, look for a foundation with SPF that you can use to touch up your coverage throughout the day. We love Ilia’s cult favorite Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation, which is offers both strong sun protection, and a clean formula in a liquid silk texture. Looking for more of a refining touch? Supergoop’s (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 35 PA+++,  is a resetting powder and powder sunscreen in one that helps to control excess mid-day oils, mattify the complexion, and amp up sun protection.

More of our sunscreen tips

Looking for more sunscreen hacks? We’ve got you covered. Check out our 2-part video! ☀️Sunscreen Hacks: Part I☀️ Our first hack is about finding a product that works well on your skin and is multi-purpose. We are loving the @skinceuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense because not only does it provide broad spectrum uv protection, but it is also contains a potent blend of discoloration-correcting and hydrating ingredients for brighter, more even skin. This sunscreen provides a dewy glow and evens out skin tone, so it’s perfect for days where you plan to go without makeup, but it also acts as a great primer to foundation and powders too. When our skin is on the drier side we mix this with a dense moisturizer to lock in hydration and keep us fresh faced throughout the day. Drop a comment if you have any tips, and your favorite SPF brands! #movewithlife #movewith #beautyhacks #uvprotection #sunscreen #sunscreeneveryday #beautybloggers #wellnesshacks #skincaretips #skinceuticals #suncare ♬ original sound -

Recommended: Skinceutical's Daily Brightening UV Defense

A lightweight sunscreen that delivers real glow, and skin-brightening benefits. This is a sunscreen you’ll actually WANT to use because it’s part sunscreen, part highlighter, and part brightening serum. You can’t go wrong with this combination! ☀️Sunscreen Hacks: Part 2☀️ In all honesty, we often times find ourselves applying sunscreen after the fact, so our favorite sunscreen tip is to find a product that travels well and is easy to apply on the go. We love the @supergoop (Re)Setting Refreshing Mist because it’s small and perfect to keep in your bag or car. The weightless, ultra fine spray on mist doesn’t leave a heavy film or shiny residue and is perfect to apply throughout the day for consistent protection. Drop a comment if you have any tips, and your favorite SPF brands! #movewithlife #movewith #beautyhacks #uvprotection #sunscreen #sunscreeneveryday #beautybloggers #wellnesshacks #skincaretips #suncare #supergoop #supergoopsunscreen ♬ original sound -

Recommended: Supergoop (Re)Setting Refreshing Mist

This is perfect for on-the-go, when you realize you’ve forgotten to apply your sunscreen, or when you need a touch-up. The mist form factor makes it a literal breeze, and it’s perfect for active lifestyles, just mist and go!

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